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Lals Group launches Mom Store

April 7, 2021

The Mom Store website also offers access to expert advice from doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, as well as support from other mothers who can share their insights

UAE-based Lals Group recently opened its first Mom Store in City Centre Mirdif, with a focus on providing a complete omni-channel experience for mothers in the UAE.

Speaking to Khaleej Times in an exclusive interview at the newly opened store, Tina Oberoi, COO of Retail and E-commerce at Lals Group, said that the store was designed with “mothers at the center of the universe.”

The store features everything that mothers need from the time they start their journey towards motherhood; from pregnancy and birth, towards infancy, toddlers and children aged 8-years. “We want mothers to look at this store as a place where they can get products that they trust; as a place where they can find products that they couldn’t find before anywhere in the UAE; and a place where they can get convenience and a great shopping experience.”

Currently, the brand offers over 20,000 products from 600 brands. Oberoi noted that it was important for the company to create a retail space that was not only mom-friendly, but also family friendly. Mothers can walk in with their infants and place them safely in a creche corner, before browsing the shelves. In addition, toddlers and older children can remain engaged at their own dedicated kids corner. “This was very important for us because we knew how challenging it can be, especially for mothers with more than one child who they cant leave at home when they go shopping. We pride ourselves on identifying every little thing and any pain points. This store is the culmination of 18 years of experience, and, most importantly, it is a brand designed and made by moms for moms.”

Highlighting the shift towards digital and consumer trends, Oberoi said that the Mom Store wants to build lasting relationships with its customers. There is a 10 per cent discount for shoppers when they make their first purchase after registering, and this is valid both online and offline. In addition, the Mom Store website offers access to expert advice from doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, as well as support from other mothers who can share their insights.

“We are always staying updated on the different trends in the market,” Oberoi said. “We know that mothers in the UAE, and around the world, want to get good quality organic products for their babies. In addition, when it comes to millennial mothers, there is a large focus on sustainability, eco-friendliness, and ethical products. But, above all, the key factor that all mothers refuse to compensate on is comfort and quality for their children. As a company, we believe in this promise of sustainability as well, and as part of our CSR initiative, we have partnered with Dubai Cares to provide education for girls in low income communities.”

“We also have an app that is currently in the works which will give moms everything that our current website offers and more,” she added. “We believed in launching a true omni-channel experience with convenience at its heart. We also have a loyalty programme in the pipeline that will provide shoppers with exclusive offers. However, we had a vision of rewarding mothers for their loyalty from day one; from their very first purchase we are already thinking of how we can reward her. In retail, the word ‘value’ has been misused. Value does not always have to mean cheap or discounts; a product can be valuable based on its quality, its durability, its exclusivity, and the experience and joy that it delivers. We are not competing on price; we are for the discerning customer who wants the assurance that they are getting the very best product in the market.”

Looking ahead, Lals Group is preparing to launch a second Mom Store in Dubai Mall, which will be followed by one in Mall of the Emirates. The brand then has plans to target different emirates in the UAE, such as Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, before looking to regional expansion across the GCC.


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