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June 22, 2022
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LG’s ProBeam Projectors Enable Any Business to Deliver Cutting-Edge Presentations

Although business meetings are more frequently conducted in an online format, there is still a strong demand for innovative solutions for in-person presentations. Understanding the diverse needs of different businesses in delivering captivating presentations, LG Electronics (LG) offers the ProBeam lineup of laser projectors that deliver premium-level projection solutions for professional environments. The ProBeam BU60PST combines the best features of the lineup, enabling users to take business meetings to the next level and effectively deliver important information for better communication and enhanced productivity.

Powerful Performance to Boost Presentations

Designed to deliver unmatched image quality for stunning presentations, the ProBeam BU60PST provides 4K UHD resolution even on the large screen at a maximum of 300 inches. What is more, with 6,000 lumens of brightness, the projector delivers vivid and clear images even in brightly lit conference rooms. This allows users not to bother about lighting conditions in the room and to concentrate on delivering the best possible presentation, while the ProBeam BU60PST ensures the best possible image.

Flexibility and Adaptivity to Meet Needs of Any Business

Combining a compact form factor, Lens Shift & Zoom x1.6 functionality, the ProBeam BU60PST can be easily installed in any professional environment, including corporate, retail, hospitality and education. The screen can be configured to the exact size and location, with the 12-point warping function allowing users to adjust screen distortion and set it up more precisely. Additionally, users can share the screen and sound conveniently with wireless mirroring (Miracast™) and Bluetooth pairing, as well as connect and browse the internet using Wi-Fi with webOS™. The projector can also connect directly to a company or conference facility network from both wired and wireless connection points, eliminating the need for a laptop. Additionally, the built-in Office viewer allows users to open Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel files directly from a USB device. This makes the ProBeam BU60PST the ideal choice for business meetings, allowing users to conduct outstanding presentations in different settings.

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