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Samsung deploys key cooling system at Museum of the Future

April 11, 2022

Samsung Gulf Electronics said it had equipped the Museum of the Future in Dubai with it key variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems, mainly designed to circulate continuous flows of cooling vertically.

According to Samsung, VRF systems deliver world-class energy efficiency and an unmatched Energy Efficiency Rating (EERa), and actively support the national sustainability goals by acting as the backbone of the recently opened museum.

It was implemented across the operation area in the building with connected individual thermostats and building management system (BACnet) to facilitate and speed up cooling deliveries in real-time.

As well as being the largest and most compact DVM system, the Samsung VRF system is also powerful and highly energy efficient. It can therefore save costs and space, while providing more reliable coverage, it stated.

Samsung pointed out that the VRF systems evoke cutting-edge capabilities all at the benefit of the environment and offer better conditions for large areas through their extensive piping and cooling design.

Samsung keeps reimagining new ways of bridging smart solutions with daily needs, for the individual and wider community and the brand’s collaboration with the Museum of the Future is a true token to that commitment, it added.


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