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Altkom Akademia to tap GITEX as launchpad for UAE, Middle East market

October 14, 2021
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GITEX to host training pioneers that are revolutionising learning in the digital age

Polish leading digital training firm Altkom Akademia has expanded its service offering to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) following its debut at this year’s GITEX Technology Week as part of its expansion strategy for the Middle East region.

​​Altkom Academica has over 30 years of experience in distance learning with over 700,000 trained customers from different parts of the world and a large distance training portfolio that encompasses Altkom Akademia’s footprint.

According to the spokesperson, GITEX presents an ideal platform for entering the UAE and Middle East market and be a catalyst of change. The annual technology expo presents Altkom Academica with a good opportunity to showcase its products and services as well as seek and build partnerships with relevant educational institutions and stakeholders.

“The GITEX Technology Week is strategic to our entry into the UAE and Middle East markets mainly because of its longstanding reputation as a platform that helps innovators and tech aficionados to showcase their disruptive technologies. Altkom Akademia is excited to be part of this iconic tech expo and we are also glad to be showcasing our flagship digital-driven distance learning products that are designed for organizations that are looking for result-oriented staff training programmes,” said Joanna Mihułka, chief executive officer, Altkom Akademia.

Altkom Akademia has an extensive training portfolio that covers leadership, projects, people, customer relationships, IT development, IT maintenance, information, finances and processes.

With over 93 percent of participants recommending Altkom Akademia’s training to others, based on post-training surveys, the group is now concentrating on the constant development of tech and soft-oriented skills of customers.

Coupled with the best of knowledge and leadership qualities, Altkom Akademia looks to get a strong foothold not only in the UAE, but also outside the region.

A booming market and a potential to tap into the wider GCC market also presents Altkom Akademia with an opportunity to gather business leads by allowing residents a chance to get in touch with decision-makers from tech companies from abroad.

Due to the onset of the pandemic, Altkom Akademia transformed its portfolio with online training as its main focus.

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