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Famco rolls out new range of heavy-duty Volvo Trucks in UAE

June 21, 2021

Dubai-based Al-Futtaim Auto & Machinery Company (Famco) has launched its new cutting-edge Volvo Trucks range in the UAE market, thus reinforcing its leading position in the emirates.

A top heavy vehicle and machinery importer in the UAE, Famco has been a partner of Volvo Trucks since 1978 and has established a solid relationship that extends far beyond just the initial sales cycle.

With the support of the Swedish truck brand, Famco has invested in state-of-the-art facilities and software that works with the customer to ensure world-class levels of service, uninterrupted parts availability and, most importantly, reduced downtime for vehicles in the field.

The new-generation FH, FM and FMX heavy-duty trucks have been redesigned to deliver even higher levels of productivity, class-leading safety features, as well as a more driver-friendly experience with an enhanced driver interface, interior space and overall visibility, said the statement from Famco.

These advanced models deliver a stronger return on range, giving users an environmental and financial saving in the process, it added.

Ramez Hamdan, the managing director of Famco, said: 'Revealing these new trucks in the presence of members of the Volvo Trucks international team is not only an honour, but also a return to some form of normality for us.'

'Famco and Volvo Trucks truly are a team working closely together on a daily basis. And that is the secret to the success of these two brands, which then benefits our customers. Bringing class-leading products to the market and providing the support and guidance our customers need, regardless of their industry or usage,' stated Hamdan.

Volvo Trucks’ flagship model, the new Volvo FH is the next generation of truck designed with the driver in mind. This model features a re-imagined cab, innovative safety features and a driver focused working environment.

A key aim of the new design is to give the driver a more productive, safe and comfortable life on the road. The new generation Volvo FH combines the most successful elements from the previous FH series with smart technologies and a functional, human centric design. The result is an intelligent and sophisticated truck that helps the driver deliver outstanding performance under any conditions.

The bold new look of the exterior is characterized by the signature V-shaped headlights which have now been moved outwards to align with the feature line of the cab doors.

The turn indicators have also been moved to the door, giving the truck both improved aerodynamics and a more confident look. The wiper panel is cleaner and slimmer while a bigger iron mark makes the new Volvo FH easily recognizable even from a distance.

'In these challenging times, launching our new FH, FM and FMX models in the UAE has been a real team effort from everyone involved,' said Frank O’Connor, Vice President - Middle East and Turkey, Volvo Trucks International.

'With a strong focus on the driver environment, safety and productivity, this new line-up will help us to deliver on our promise to be our customers’ best business partner. We can do this by, by helping them to develop the best drivers - responsible driving behaviour can help reduce emissions and fuel costs, as well as helping reduce the risk of accidents, injury and unplanned downtime, all of which will make them more competitive and profitable,' he added.

O' Connor said moving inside the cabin was a lot easier than ever with the new slimmer, ergonomically designed I-Shift gear selector.

'There is also a wide range of customization options with new fabrics and colours. The attention given to drivers is most obvious in the updated interior working environment. Their workspace is centered around a modernized dashboard which features a fully digital 12-inch high resolution instrument display,' he explained.

The instrument display allows the driver to choose between four different screen views (two as standard), depending on the driving situation and the information they prefer to have displayed, he added.

Famco said a key highlight in the new model is an optional 9-inch side display that can provide infotainment, navigation assistance, transport information and camera monitoring.

The display, that is easy to reach, allows the driver to interact in numerous ways: with the intuitively positioned buttons on the steering wheel, through voice control, or directly via the touchscreen and display control panel.

The All new FH globetrotter cabin includes re-designed gear selector, spacious storage spaces, 3 USB slots, 33 Liter refrigerator and other features which helps the driver to have a fatigue free driving experience.

'Coming to fuel saving, the trucks come with the Innovative Volvo Torque Assist feature, which helps in saving fuel up to 8% in a 100T application, with potential to increase this saving to a big extent,' said O' Connor.

The factory fitted cab park coolers on the FH trucks ensure that the drivers still have an AC supply even when the truck engine is shut down, thus saving customers considerable amount of fuel loss, he explained.

Further enhancing driver comfort, the Downhill Cruise control is re-introduced as a standard feature on all the new models. It prevents the truck from exceeding the speed set by the driver and can be used in combination with the service brakes, and an option of improved Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) that works at all speeds, even down to zero km/h.

The electronically controlled brake system (EBS), which is a prerequisite for safety features such as Collision Warning with Emergency Brake and Electronic Stability Control, now comes as a standard with Drum brakes on the new trucks, he added.

Volvo Dynamic Steering, with the safety systems Lane Keeping Assist and Stability Assist, is also available as an option. Other features like AGM batteries, Clutch able air compressor helps in reducing the downtime as well as increasing the efficiency of the vehicle.

The new Volvo FM is designed to attract drivers with a new cab and better visibility. The new Volvo FM heavy duty truck will be the ultimate workplace on wheels in all segments.

The new Volvo FMX features the heaviest addition to Volvo’s chassis range – a 38-tonne bogie that allows for a Gross Vehicle Weight (GCW) of up to 58 tonnes. This is the biggest GVW offering here in the Middle East, said the company in its statement.

For particularly rough applications like mining, the Volvo FMX comes with an optional steel roof hatch with an emergency exit handle that removes the entire hatch. By designing the robust new FMX construction truck that can carry more tonnes and maneuver more easily, while keeping the driver safe and comfortable, Volvo Trucks can help increase both productivity and profitability in the construction industry, it added


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