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UAE travellers can now fly direct into UK as Etihad, Emirates resume flights

June 9, 2021

Restrictions are still in place as UAE remains in red list

Eligible travellers from the UAE can now fly direct into the United Kingdom, following the resumption of passenger services of Emirates and Etihad into London effective today, June 8.

However, travel restrictions are still in place and only British and Irish nationals, as well as those with residence rights in the UK, will be allowed to board the flights from the UAE.

“Only British and Irish nationals, and passengers with residence rights for the UK will be permitted to travel into the UK from a red-list country,” Etihad said in its advisory.

The UAE is still under the UK’s COVID-19 “red list”, which means flyers from the country will have to stay in a government-approved quarantine hotel for over a week.

The UK government tightened its border controls and implemented a traffic light system for screening arrivals last May 17. Passengers are categorized as red, amber or green and undergo different sets of requirements and protocols.

Flying from UAE

Emirates also said it will start accepting eligible travellers to Birmingham from June 15, 2021.

According to Etihad, all passengers from the UAE will be required to quarantine for 10 full days in a managed quarantine hotel, take a COVID-19 PCR test on or before the second day and on or after the eighth day of quarantine.

“All guests travelling from the UAE will be required to pre-book a managed quarantine hotel within a 14-day period before arrival into London Heathrow,” the airline said.

However, flights departing from the UK remain unaffected and continue to operate as scheduled.


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