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Doosan Infracore to unveil new construction, quarrying solution

March 6, 2021
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Leading building equipment maker Doosan Infracore is set to introduce its quarrying, mining and construction solution, XiteCloud at the upcoming Hillhead Digital event in UK.

XiteCloud is the first step towards the commercialisation of Concept-X, the company’s integrated unmanned and automated control solution, first demonstrated to the world in 2019.

In addition to this, the company will be rolling out its new wheel loader, excavator and ADT at the industry event to be held from March 30 to 31.

XiteCloud maximises productivity by incorporating complex 3D drone construction surveys and earthwork calculations into a cloud platform, allowing them to be completed in just one to two days.

Following the successful introduction in South Korea, Doosan Infracore is intending to launch XiteCloud in international markets including Europe in the near future.

These events have opened the door to Doosan Infracore to further expand its business portfolio into the field of construction site management, to complement its existing operations in manufacturing and sales of construction equipment.

With XiteCloud, a customer can manage multiple tasks such as surveys, terrain analysis, machine purchases, equipment operation and construction management on a single platform, thereby reducing construction costs and saving time while increasing work accuracy, which in turn raises productivity.

XiteCloud also allows customers to manage multiple projects on a single platform, accumulating and managing data that can be utilized for future decision making/business.

The solution even makes it possible to digitize earthwork site information into three dimensions as well as to analyze rock formations. Since it is cloud-based, XiteCloud makes it easy for stakeholders, including contractors and clients, to join forces and manage the progress of a given project together.


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