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New health procedures for entry to country after accepting coronavirus vaccinations

November 28, 2020

A new set of health measures will be introduced by the government following the availability of coronavirus vaccines in sufficient quantities, which will regulate the entry of those into the country, Al-Qabas daily said, quoting government sources.

According to sources, entry will be permitted for citizens and expatriates from non-prohibited countries, provided they present a vaccination certificate to show they have had the vaccine, or it is sufficient they produce a PCR test report, and mentioned they have spent two weeks in quarantine.

This measure is to prevent the spread of the coronavirus epidemic in the country. These health requirements are not applicable to those leaving the country. The daily reports, quoting sources that whoever wants to travel to any country will be subject to its laws regarding health measures.

With respect to opening the airport further and allowing entry to nationals from 34 countries on a ban list to the country, the sources indicated the country is undergoing testing during the polling day of the National Assembly elections, and after the results are announced, these matters will be considered with the 34 country ban list to be under review following a report of the daily evaluations by the competent coronavirus committee.


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