UAE residents get less rest, are more stressed than those in the West: Dr Oz

As many as 80% of people suffer from stress in the UAE, according to a study cited during a panel discussion Dr Oz was participating in at the Summit.

United Arab Emirates, February 11, 2019

People in the UAE sleep less than their counterparts in developed world countries in Europe and North America, according to survey results revealed at the World Government Summit (WGS) in Dubai today.

“In the UAE people lie in bed for 3 minutes less than in the West. On average, the amount of sleep they get is 5 hours and 38 minutes, roughly 20 minutes less than people in the West on average,' Dr Oz told an audience during the summit, adding that, “sleep is a barometer of stress.”

Dr Mehmet Cengiz Öz, popularly known as Dr Oz, a world renowned television personality, surgeon and author, was speaking as part of a panel at the summit hosted by CNN’s Becky Anderson and participated in by media entrepreneur, Arianna Huffington.

Results revealed by him were compiled from an app run by his firm called Sleepscore.

“We ran the numbers on this in the UAE because a lot of people in the country use this app,” he said. “And the numbers here show people are getting less rest than on average in the developed world.”

As many as 80% of people suffer from stress in the UAE, Anderson cited a recent report to say.

Dr Oz added to the statistic by saying,” Roughly 20% of anyone over the age has felt enough stress to have a major effect on your life... sometimes even take up to 6 years off your life.”

The WGS is being held in Dubai until February 12 and will see keynote addresses from the chair of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, celebrity life coach and business consultant Tony Robbins, and the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan.