Dubai home buyers to be offered more tools to seal best deals

Property Finder launches new product to give real estate brokers 'up-to-the-minute pricing' on residential market

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, December 5, 2018

House buyers in Dubai will soon have more detailed data at their fingertips to help them make the best decision on location and type of property.

UAE-based Property Finder has announced a new product - Pricing Report - that will allow real estate brokers in the city to be armed with that crucial insider knowledge to get investors the best deal.

As the UAE property industry continues to navigate a subdued real estate market, Property Finder said the new product will allow agents to give 'truly accurate and up-to-the-minute pricing advice to house sellers, reassuring and empowering them to get faster sales, while also boosting the local market'.

Pricing Report is a tool that allows agents to display a range of crucial data, enabling sellers to clearly see current facts, statistics and trends relevant to their home.

This data is sourced from both the latest government transactions and Property Finder statistics.

The information includes recent transactions in the chosen area, or even tower; price trends over a set period; and details on the broker’s current standing, such as whether they’re in the top 5 percent of performers in their area.

“Selling a property is a big financial and emotional decision, so it is important for homeowners to find the right agent to guide them through this process and ensure the property is sold at the right price,' said Alex Miauton, chief product officer at Property Finder.

He added: 'Being able to view data on actual transactions and agent performance in a given area empowers sellers in this decision and gives them the transparency needed to form trusted relationships between sellers and agents.”