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Shaashopy is your one-stop destination for trendy fashion outfits

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, July 2, 2018

In an expat-friendly city such as Dubai, you could be from anywhere in the world, but still enjoy access to products and services reminiscent of home. Shaashopy is that one fashion gem that specialises in Indian and Pakistani traditional outfits, giving women a chance to dress up in the latest collections from their respective countries.

Established in 2013, Shaashopy originally set up an online store featuring a vibrant portfolio of garments. Its growing popularity soon led to the set-up of the SHAA boutique in the bustling district of Karama in 2015 that garnered attention for its colourful display that leaves customers spoilt for choice.

As these garments require special attention, Shaashopy took another step to set up a tailoring unit. Armed with experts, its team of tailors can stitch and accommodate requests as per client requirements, with a mission to exceed customer expectations. This has earned Shaashopy a loyal consumer base.

In 2017, the fashion house came across Glamour Mafatlal, a popular clothing brand from India, and acquired a variety of kurtis and leggings from them. The partnership with Mafatlal deepened further in 2018, when Shaashopy decided to extend its offerings to provide home furnishing options, featuring bed and bath products.

To date, the boutique proudly presents a portfolio of Indian and Pakistani suits, materials, kurtis, leggings, tops for jeans, sarees, lehengas, abayas, as well as bridal dresses, dazzle-branded scarves and accessories. Its collection is greatly influenced by customer preferences and upcoming trends.

Looking at new ventures, Shaashopy recently opened a showroom for menswear to cater to the community. It also aims to offer school uniforms under the Mafatlal brand in 2019, with plans to open more branches across the UAE soon. Mafatlal is a renowned brand from India that was established in 1905. The brand is number one in uniforms as well as traditional garments that make a stylish statement.