Dubai gov't to go paperless from 2021

Dubai Paperless Strategy will eliminate over one billion papers annually

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, February 6, 2018

The Government of Dubai will do away with paper from 2021 onwards, according to the latest strategy unveiled by the emirate’s Crown Prince, Sheikh Hamdan.

The 'Dubai Paperless Strategy' will see all government entities and its customers move away from the need to print or present documents.

Sheikh Hamdan described the strategy as “another milestone in Dubai’s journey towards fully embracing smart technology”.

“After 2021, no employee or customer of the Government of Dubai will need to print any paper document,' Sheikh Hamdan said.

“This reflects our holistic vision for our role as human beings, not only towards Dubai, but towards the world as a whole. The Dubai Paperless Strategy will eliminate over one billion papers annually used today in Dubai Government transactions.”

The strategy was unveiled during a visit to the Smart Dubai Office headquarters in Dubai Design District, d3.

Dr Aisha Bint Butti bin Bishr director-general of Smart Dubai Office, said, “We are taking it (Dubai Paperless Strategy) a step further by digitising both external and internal processes in government bodies and institutions. This, in turn, saves time and effort for employees and customers across all government authorities, all the while improving the work environment, achieving customer satisfaction and reducing cost and waste.”

The strategy will see several technical changes gradually rolled out, including increasing automation in government institutions, using digital IDs, signatures and certificates, as well as secure data available via dedicated platforms.

Changes also include legislative adjustments, regulating physical presence at the courts, and the legal requirement to produce paper documents to guarantee the credibility of the transaction.

The Dubai Paperless Strategy is set to be implemented over three stages, based on the number of government departments undergoing a transition to a paperless government.