Brazilian seminar on Islamic economy

United Arab Emirates, January 20, 2018

The Dubai Islamic Economic Development Centre, DIEDC, will hold a seminar 'Principles and Strategy in Islamic Economy' on 22nd January at the headquarters of the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in Sao Paulo, according to the Agencia do Noticias Brasil-Arabe, ANBA.

The event is intended for Brazilian businesspersons looking to tap into the market for halal goods and will look at industries such as fashion, tourism, food and cosmetics.

According to ANBA, speakers will include International Halal Accreditation Forum, IHAF, secretary-general Mohammed Badri; Dubai Exports deputy CEO Mohammed Al Kamali, Dubai Airport Free Zone, DAFZA, senior advisor Abdur Rahim Ghulam Nabi, and DIEDC head of Strategy and Planning Saeed Kharbash Al Marri.

'They will go over what Islamic economy and expanded halal are about. It’s more than just food products, it’s a lifestyle,' Arab Chamber president Rubens Hannun told executives from Chamber member companies on Tuesday. 'Although Brazil is the biggest halal protein exporter in the world, it taps into only 20% of this market,' the Chamber’s special projects adviser, Tamer Mansour, added.

Mansour noted that the Islamic market is much wider than the Arab world and is not limited to meat products but also covers . It includes consumption-based industries such as tourism, fashion, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.