Gorgeous models teach plane safety in Etihad video

Because who better to show you, right?

United Arab Emirates, September 12, 2017

Every single one of us, at some point in our lives, has taken a ride aboard a plane. To some of us who live in Dubai, riding a plane is something we do at least twice a year on average, as we fly out either on a vacation or to our home countries.

We are all, also, too familiar with the flight safety procedures air hostesses remind us about every time we board a plane.

We've all heard it - the part about wearing masks when the cabin loses pressure, the seatbelt signs telling us when to detach and attach our seatbelts, as well as where the emergency exits are. While we've already heard, and seen this safety course, how any of us can say that it was taught to us by supermodels?! Because that's exactly what Etihad Airways did in a recent ad.

In a short clip, the Abu Dhabi-based airline collaborated with models to present the usual flight safety instructions in an attractive way. The clip shows many models in designer clothing as well as safety apparatus found in an aircraft. Because hey, what could be more attention grabbing than gorgeous supermodels, right?